250mx build - short chain length - issues?


Guys, i'm finishing up my CR250 build and noticed that I am going to end up with a very short chain length from the tranny to rear gear, should I be concerned? I really don't have much room to go forward with the motor/mount as the pipe with interfer with my seat and the seat is as far left as it will go. I'll try to get a count on the actual chain links this week, I'm running a 14/24 gear set up to accomplish a 6.20 final in 3rd gear.

-Thanks, Matt
My 450 I have 54-56 actual pins, with a 14-24 in 4th. I'm running a 1/5 mile track. It's about right, but might end up going with a 23. Or going up to about a 15-26.

Mine is pretty short, just depends on how short you're talking. I still have some room to go forward to, but I don't have a long pipe like the 2 stroke.
All the kart mx conversions I've seen have short chains....as long as it's not too tight or binding, I wouldn't worry.... Just gives you a chance to get 2 chains outta' 1 stock length one? :)
ended up with 53 links in the chain, so sounds like I should be good, now if I can just get it finished by next saturday to race!
gearing help on a yz167 stroker

I have only tested this kart on 1/5 mile track running a 19/23 gear running in 3rd gear. any suggestions?
FWIW, I just bought a 520 non-o-ring chain at my local dealer for $26. Don't recall the no. of links, but it'll get cleaned so often that it should last a while...esp. on my 125. :)
Why run o-ring? Robs too much power, no mud to worry about. And as you said it's going to be cleaned often.