3 hp 127 cc performance help?

Drew Fields

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I have a 3 hp flathead that is stock model 80212 and was wondering if there are any compatible performance parts available that I can install or any recommended mods I can do to get hp gains ? This engine is going on a mini bike
I'm not going to say there arent any performance parts for the 3hp flathead,but i have never been able to find any for the two 3hp engines i have.. But you can go with exhaust springs on both int. & exh. a lil carb work, and bump the timing up a hair will pick it up some...


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When we used to build the mini-Indy celebrity, Shriner, and jr 1/4 midget race engines using the 3HP flatheads, we would concentrate on carb and valves/seats. You can install hi-flow valves - that'll help somewhat as well. Then we'd twist the cam and cut the deck and head to increase compression slightly. I don't recall if Dyno ground a cam for us -- (IF they did, it was the same profile as the 89-7exp - but man, it's been at least 20 years since we did these engines.)

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Unless it's for sizing issues, you honestly might be able to get a nice 5hp flatty on here for the same price you'll be spending to get any gains out of the little 3hp. Just something to think about.