#35 chain versus #219 chain.

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The math is the same but the physics are different...
A 72 tooth #35 is physically bigger in circumference than a 72 tooth #219...

alvin l nunley

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I wo#uld honk
#35 15/60 = 4.0 -1
219 15/60 = 4.0-1
I I wonder, do the smaller sprockets and the lighter shade give you an advantage? You should be able to prove that on a dyno, one way or the other?

I doubt running one of the other on different weekends is really a legitimate test. Tracks change, air density changes, too many variables.


I think you missing the entire point.. agreed math is math. This isn't math out on the track.. TOO many variables.


Number for number they are the same.. HOWEVER the circumference are different. You will never run a #35 15/60 against a #219 15/60, (just as a reference). The sprocket circumference need to be close from the 219-35. Adding or dropping a tooth, compared with the difference in which they roll, weight can create an on track advantage.


Well... math says that if you make one circumference.225 shorter and one circumference.167 shorter there will be a difference......

that being said, any advantages or disadvantages of either chain should do far down the list of stuff that makes you faster, that I think it’s just ahead of helmet shape....
Don't forget sock color.


I run #219 but I'm finding I have less gearing choices than the #35 folks. I've been considering a switch to be honest, but I have a ton of money wrapped up in #219 gears so I'm hesitant to start over financially (I'm cheap) :p


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Why would you have less choices ?
Not big enough drivers .


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On the100cc 2 stroke I run with a chain (when I don't race my 131 stroker Sudam) I I haven't seen any important difference when I use 219 chain and sprockets or 35 as far as I run same ratio. I do remember though running same ratio on same chain using different sprocket combinations and not getting same results. Only thing I trust in this debate is lap times.