4 Cycle Sprint Body Work


You can fool some of the people some of the time
Who makes good 4 cycle sprint bodies other than M&M?

Here in the midwest.....most sprint racers are using the G-Man #4A offset nose on their asphalt sprint karts.

Look at pictures from Rock Island and you will see Cale Downs running one, and if you can find any pictures of Ryan Cassity on his Factory COYOTE, that is what he runs.

Sure wish G-Man would make another run of his "wide" #3A noses ;)
I said Good.
One of the issues with the G Man is the fit and fragility.
Yes they are cheaper than some others but you have to cut and fit stuff.
I had an M&M on my kart last year. Finish was nice, and didn't start to delaminate till fifth weekend of racing. Was given tip this weekend by a longtime Gold Cup racer to drill about a dozen holes where joined together and use button heads, fender washers, and nylocks to reinforce it from brand new, and then delaminating will not occur.

This year I plan on running CIK bodywork. It is mandatory in two of the three series I plan on running, and I don't think it will hurt me at weekly club shows.
We always ran offset body work on our straight chassis you have to cut the right side panel out for additional motor clearance but it works..I prefer fiberglass to plastic..because you can repair fiberglass as plastic is harder to repair.
I love our Majestic body work. We run two karts, box stock and outlaw, and are starting the second season with the same bodywork (and graphics) on both. The first time ever.