4 wheel drift


our kart always seem to have a prob. that it wants to drift up in the corner, it won't stay on the bottom. It does it with maxxis, vegas it don't matter. would more left help it or what does it need.


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General rule of thumb is too much left is root cause of 4 wheel drift.

... and ya gotta slow down some too

4 wheel drift your left side tires are already being over used and the right then can't carry all the weight and hold you in.

Fix is to change your thinking and use the rights more along with slowing down because the tracks probably slicked up some and you can't go as fast as you did before. ... and throw a bit of gear to it too because over all you'll be going slower.

alvin l nunley

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I have no personal experience with LTO racing but I have a long list of previously posted setups.

The rear bite is a lot less than most. The LF to RF ratio is reversed from most that I've seen. Most help more cross than left side.

I see no mention of stagger or turn radius. No mention of track width, front or rear.

How fast you're going might play a part. With more information you might get better answers!!

No detailed response might tell us something!