4 Wheel drive

There have been several experimental 4 wheel drive karts as far as I know. Big issue IMO is the more moving parts the more drag and more power lost. Is it worth it? Other than that with the current dirt tracksvand prep/tire combos you don´t really need much more traction in most cases. Maybe for a beast like the JAWA or similar.
in the early 80's Jerry Inman from Miss. built a 4x4 dirt car. On a dry slick track he broke all the track records, but when it got tacky, no one was man enough to drive it ( days before power steering).
Before power steering? Heck in the '70's we had center mounted Power steering based on Chev. parts, in our DIRT Modifieds in the N.E.
Something to remember: tires only have so much available grip in them. If you use some for forward acceleration, you lose the ability to maintain as much lateral acceleration.