5 year old wants to ride. Southeast NC


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I have a 5 year old son. We live in Wilmington NC. He has been riding an electric 4 wheel atv and we would like him to get some experience on tracks but all the places online have age and weight requirements he can't yet meet. Looking for somewhere he can go do some beginner stuff. Preferably somewhere we can rent or borrow a cart. If not maybe buy one.


Your nearest two tracks are Southern Kartway in Loris, SC, which will reopen in March, and Triple T in Saint Paul’s, NC. Both about the same distance from you. I’m in Leland. Your son would be in the Red Plate class, 5-7 year olds. I’m not sure what the min weight is for that class but all you do is add lead to the go kart to meet the requirement. It’s actually an advantage to have to add weight. That way you can add it where you need it to get the kart to handle better.

I’d suggest you go to a couple of races and talk to some of the folks that run that class. Paradise will be running soon, that would be a good one to go check out. If you want to check out a few karts just to get a better idea of what you’ll need to go racing shoot me a PM.