5x8 trailer setup ideas

Looking for some ways in which i can setup my recently purchased 5x8 trailer to include two karts. would really like to see some pictures of anyone with 5x8 setups. please send pics to 8282345008 or post links on here.

You need a kart stacker.

yeah dad has a tool and die company hes going to fab me up a stacker, just looking for ideas on other racks, as a 5x8 is small for two karts but i know it can be done successfully just looking for ideas. Nice stacker you make there btw, ours probably wont be that nice lol.
I just got a kkp stacker and had one kart on top of the other. I narrowed down to one kart now, but I still use the stacker because my rlv pit buggy folds down and I can push it to the front and fit a generator, small compressor, wash bucket, tool box and everything underneith it.

You will have to play with stacking your stuff in their because being limited on space you will more than likely have to figure out how to fit it all then everything will have its own designated spot that has to be done that way each time. I don't have any pictures. But I can get some laterbif you want.


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I like your stacker my question is do you use it as a stand and have another buggy or do you have two buggies im in a 6x12 and adding another kart dont like the idea of sitting on on the floor .also does the top come off to load the bottom kart ?