6/29 K3 Karting

6/29 - regular points night plus flathead medium special.
Also from last weekend

Jr specials:
Kid kart (red plate clone) - each driver will get an extra prize at the end of the night
Jr. 2 green plate - $100 to win 5 kart minimum
Jr . 3 Purple plate - $250 to win 10 kart minimum

Regular points night for all classes

Gates 2
Practice 4:30
Racing at 6
Pit passes - $15
Entry fees - members: $20 non-members: $30
We finally got a race in without a single rain drop, although the rain during the week did not help the track. Thank you to everyone who came out and dealt with the heat! We had 70 karts. The biggest classes were clone heavy with 12, predator with 8, and opens with 8 and I think clone heavies finished their feature at 11:30.
We also had a small firework show during intermission!
Here are the feature winners from 6/29:

Baby champs: Ryder Mooi
Kid kart: Karsyn Hendershott
Green plate clone: Trevor Torres
Jr 3 clone: Ellie Hensley
Jr. 1 champ: Zoey Provenzano
Jr predator champ: Carlie Miller
L0206: Jessica Hamilton
Clone Medium: Bradley Bauer
Predator: Sam Osborne
Clone Heavy: Billy Eaton
Flathead Medium: Rich Hale
Super heavy clone: Robby Olson
Opens: Marcus Hubert

Just a reminder we are off next weekend, so everyone enjoy the holiday weekend!