6" Beadlocks

T T Bone

New member
Looking for someone that makes beadlocks that match. I am tired of buying new beadlocks that are supposed to be 9'' but they are 91/4 or 91/8 etc. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
It affects your rollouts for stagger purposes. Can shift where the weight is to the car. Be like moving wheel in or out a 1/4 of an inch.
I would love to make them myself but not sure I have all the tooling equipment. I bought beadlocks when I raced in the 80's. What happen to all those makers for beadlocks.. Maybe I will start using non- beadlocks and see how quick I get a tire knocked off or rolled off the bead. Never seems to happen in the open flat kart class and they all run big motors now?? Thanks.