7/13 $700 K3 Karting King Of Clones

7/13 King of Clones and regular point night.

King of clones: $700 to win, 30 laps, 15 kart minimum, open tire, $40 entry member or non.

Question: would you like to see a separate regular clone heavy class as well or just combine it?

Gates 2
Practice 4:30
Racing at 6
Pit passes - $15
Entry fees - members: $20 non-members: $30

Also I will have points updated tomorrow
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Keith Mcrae at Precision RaceCraft will be sponsoring $100 to win Sr. Champ and $50 for 2nd. Give a big thanks to Keith at the track!

Track is looking good for this weekend and weather is looking great!
Thanks to everyone who made it out to the track last night! It was also great to see the free grandstands packed for most of the day.

King of Clones winner was Dustin Heath

We had 83 karts last night. 16 in the king of clones, and some of our other bigger classes were predator, opens, jr. 1 champ, and lo206.
Believe we finished the last feature at around 12:30, and that was with some extra delays through the night.

Other features winners:

Baby champs - Ryder Mooi
Kid karts - Zackari Stevenfield
Jr. 1 champ - Zoey Provenzano
Predator champ- Troy Hensley
Sr champ - Jessica Hamilton
Jr. 3 - Clayton Rossmann
Flathead medium - Bryant Blackwell
Clone medium - Clone Medium
Predator - Sam Osborne
Clone heavy - Robby Olson
Lo206 - Jessica Hamilton
Animal - Tyler Kuxhouse
Opens - Marcus Hubert

****Now after all that, I do have 2 small complaints for the night/season so far and it probably doesn’t affect most of you. I will also repost these in the middle of the week in case people don’t read this long post.

1) Race sign in ends at 4:30 - that’s when practice is supposed to start. Track was actually ready to go for practice at 4:30 and we had all lineups ready and money envelopes filled. Then I had 5 racers pull in to sign up after 4:30, and we had to redo everything. If you come sign up after 4:30, you’re going to start in the back for your heats. I understand some people work late Saturdays or could be running late, all you have to do is send me a message on Facebook and I can draw a number for you and get you signed up so all you have to do is pay.

2) Reserved parking - If you have reserved parking in the first 2 rows and know in advance that you aren’t racing this weekend. Please send me a common courtesy message on the Facebook page and let me know. We had a big race last night and 10+ open reserved spots in the front and 2nd row that we could have parked non-reserved racers if we would’ve known.
We had a great time and I was impressed how quickly the show went on. My boys had a blast racing ! Track was in great shape. My only request for next time is can you please turn on the air conditioning? Lol
See y’all soon
Dana Garton