95 S-10 Wireing


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Would anyone have an idea why my brake lights and turn signals work on my S-10 when my head lights are off but as soon as I turn on my parking lights or head lights they quit altogether? no tail lights or anything. I've checked fuses and wiring and can't find the problem.. Thanks
Check the ground wire on the left rear of the frame, close to rear bumper I think its a white wire that bolts to the frame, and there seems like there are some grounds in the left front kick panel area.
What olderndirt said. There are multiple ground straps (what he describes agrees as far back as my '87 S10), and you can't tell if they're good or not by looking at them or by what the system does at some times and not at others. The only sure way is to disconnect each ground wire/strap, clean the lug and the surface it bolts to (and any washer and the nut) with whatever suitable abrasive you have on hand (sandpaper will do if you don't have any emory cloth) and reassemble the joint.
I made a new ground and the lights still doesnt work..just whe the parking lights and headlights are off... will they work..
Where they working correctly before? When did you notice that they were not working right? Do you have a tailer wiring harness? If so check the wiring harness for corrosion. Check the bulbs for burnt out/element shorting condition. Have you actually followed the wiring from the lights as far forward as you can?
I pulled out the bulbs from the lens and they're very dim. I've unhooked the trailer wiring harness a while back. I haven't seen any corrosion. All I can think of is following up to the front. I can't get lucky enough to fix it with a bad ground...lol. It's an old truck but it's all I have so I have to find it. I just need it to last a couple more months..
turn signal switch behind steering wheel is bad

Good call. Many moons ago I had a '70 Plymouth Road Runner that behaved exactly like McKenzie4 describes, and the turn signal switch was the problem - totally forgot about that incident; too focused on the S10 portion and not enough on the overall problem, I guess. That's why I have a steering wheel puller in my specialty tool toolbox to this day....