99ss setup


Im looking for setup numbers for a 99ss for jr1 #250 Currently running
1/5 mile wide and fast if you let off your to slow. We just seem a little slow.
Thanks for any help
Just an observation, I’ve never raced LTO, but I have done a weight spreadsheet and I’ve looked at lot of setups from a lot of people that seem to know what they’re talking about.
First thing is; the weight is the same on the LF and the RF. I seldom see this. Usually the RF will have maybe 10-20% more weight, and sometimes even more.
The LR has only 16.33% more weight than the RR. I’ve never seen that little difference. I have seen as little as 30% and as high as 200+%, but never as low as yours.
Sorry, I can’t tell you what is good and what is bad, only how different yours is.
The front percentage is about where everybody sets theirs.
A little slow? What does that mean?
Can you post the rest of your setup, I can’t help but think that rear stagger is an important item. Do you have any idea what the radius of the turns is?
I like to think, like the rest of the racing world, that knowing the air density and what jet you’re using is important.
Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions always welcome.
Front stagger is 3/4 rear is 7/8
Im going to try more front stagger. I have tried more rear added a 1/4 inch and kart went from a little tight to very loose and only thing I changed was the stagger.
Im wondering if on these older chassis was it common to have left and cross be the same? Or should I try more cross and more rear stagger at the same time?
It has been a long time since I had a chassis this old. Your numbers are close, I would go 48 nose, stay at 52 cross, and left really depends on right side transfer and if your getting enough. We ran way more front stagger, 1 1/4 and rear was 7/8to 1. What I have noticed, even with newer chassis, if they feel flat, you need to replace the axle and both spindles, that picks them back up.
Just remember, chassis and tires have been through several evolutions since that chassis was new.
Thank you
I now have 11/4 front and 7/8 rear. I went up on cross to 55 but I will come back down at the track if needed.
Thanks again.
heres what ive got written down from ours
54_57 left 55 rear 52 -58 cross 2' front stagger 3/4 - 1 inch rear + 1/2 to1* lft frt camber -3* .left frt wheel to pitman arm 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 right frt wheel to pitman arm 1/8- 1/4 wheel to chassis rr 10 3/8 left rear 9 1/4 rear track 39"
got setup book I will look tomorrow.
Thank you very much
What do you mean by wheel to chassis RR 10 3/8 left rear 9 1/4?
Also this is for jr1 if that changes anything.
ok From rim to chassis rail.
Also found the manual. the chassis we had won the ikf national or grand national for jr1in 2000 0r 2001 youngfellow outta Omaha.Maya been 99 I'd have to find the ikf mag to be sure.
any way heres the numbers they ran direct from uncle franks.
5/4 month day front stagger 1 7/8 rear 3/4 cross 62 left 53.4 rear 54.9 camber +1/4 rf -2 5/8
5/16 camber -1/8 left right -2 1/8 rear54.5 left53.8 cross52.5
5/24 lf 0* rf -13/4 rear 54.7 left 54.3 cross 53.2
total weight 245
don't know why -1/8th on lf frt but that's what they have written down
the setup sheet did not give any % just basic setup info seat placement and wheel sizes which is pretty standard
1/2 -3/4 ahead of axle axle 1/2= 3/4 above chasi ss seat hieght10-11 inches lf frt 6.5 lf r 8.5 rft 8.5 rr 9.1/4 on hg's 10 rights for jr2
Thanks for the help. I will try these numbers out. My numbers have been pretty close to those just not as much front stagger. I have been battling a coming out push so maybe the front stagger will help.
Ok. Does your LR duro a little harder than the rest? I was just looking and noticed I put a LR on that is 6 points softer than all my other tires. I'm hoping that is the cause for my push. Thanks