A big Thanks...


Overnight last Tuesday into mid-morning Wednesday south central PA became ice wrecked tree central, with power outages galore, and of course the worst county for tree damage and resulting power outages from all the downed trees and branches would be York County, where I live. Because of my wife's medical problems, I need power overnight, every night, and it's nice to be able to run the well, the furnace and auxiliary furnace, both refigerators, and at least one light in each room any time of day or night - the two TVs were a nice bonus, and the stove is gas (propane), so you light it with a match because there is no reason to put the piezo electric starters on the emergency system when a match will do. Well, a big thanks to GENERAC for building a tough, reliable 8000 watt continuous/12000 watt peak generator that ran all the circuits on my emergency breaker box flawlessly and without complaint continuously from 6:40 Wednesday morning until I shut it down at 8:15pm Friday night, about 15 minutes after the power came back on. It's nice to know that you have a machine that you can stake a life on if you have to, and always starts on the first or second blip of the electric starter even if the temperature is 20 degrees or less and only asks for basic maintenance in return. This one will undoubtedly last the rest of my life, given my age, but if it ever wears out, I'll replace it with another GENERAC.

But I'm not so sure the fire marshall would like my system for refueling on the fly, with no shutdown.... :cool: