A car question for, George Henry ... or anyone else


old fart
What 289 Cobra era car advertised, 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds?

On a side note, it's advertised price was $1000 less then a Cobra.

I think I remember 289 Cobra's being advertised in 'Sports Car Graphics' at $4999.95 or .99 don't remember.
You got me Paul; a '64 Pontiac GTO was more like $1700 cheaper, but even with the Royal Bobcat kit installed, would only do 0-60 in 4.6 seconds - stockers were slower, and the '64 Corvette with a 4 speed and the 375hp 327 engine was good for 5.6 seconds 0-60 and didn't cost a lot less than a 289 Cobra. '63 split window Vettes were slower than that. (those figures are road test figures, not ad department figures)
awwwww..... how bout the Sunbeam Tiger... it's from that era ?

nope that ain't it. ... :)

ps... corvetts were pigs on the track and usually lapped once or twice or three times by 289's.
Had to be one of the Hemi cars, Chrysler put Hemi's in several Dodge and Plymouth cars. Cobra era was from '63 - '66 starting with a 260 then 289 and finally 427 (most of the street 427's were built with 428's). In that era the lightest cars the Hemi's were put in were Plymouth Satelite's and Dodge Coronet's. I don't remember the add Paul but one of those would be my guess. -- Chuck
Nope Chuck, it's a sporty type left and right racin car. Another hint. If you went to SCCA races back then the 'regular' ones generally kicked butt in class, but always looked like they would flop over leaning in the turns.

There also on the high priced list now a days same as Cobra's, but not as far up on the list.

If I had made a few cents more an hour back then, I would have bought one.
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,... times running out

Here's a hint.

I did a google search on images for a 1963 big engine sports car and ...

it was not shown. ... :) So if you look there you can rule out a whole bunch of cool cars.

By the way, it's fun looking at the url I mentioned, lots of fine cars.
Common now... 3.8 seconds, it's gota be something small.

Hint like the Cobra, Allard and Sunbeam, the chassis is from across the water.
Wrackin' my brain - sure as heck wasn't a TVR - the V8s had Ford engines too. Cunninghams had Mopar engines mostly, but I don't remember enough of them being built to reach the open market.
While hitchhiking from NYC to western PA about 1966 a guy with a Griffith (they were all made by TVR; I can't remember the mechinations that led to some of them being called Griffiths and some TVRs) picked me up a few miles into NJ and informed me that he was tired and we needed to stop for gas a few minutes down the road, would I mind driving for a couple or three hours? What a ball that little beast was - I am forever in debt to that perfect stranger making my day. Every June I believe, there is a car show at Allen's Pond Park in Bowie, MD (or at least there used to be) called British Car Day. Anyone in the area when that show is on should drop by for an hour or three - every year I went there were 8 or 12 TVRs/Griffiths, and most of them were the V8s rather than the ones with Volvo and various other 4 bangers the times I attended.

In August 1967 I stood in a dealer's showroom with 80 $100 dollar bills in my pocket (Merchant ship's paid off in cash in large bills, and that was my collection from 2 long trips as an engineering officer) looking at a brand new 427 Cobra. I didn't buy it - I was not going to pay $7200 out the door for a car with side curtains instead of roll-up windows. Dumb decision, in hindsight. Especially since I didn't buy a big block '67 Corvette with roll-up windows either..... I don't watch Barret-Jackson when either 427 shows up on the auction block.