A Drivers DriveOff


It would be nice to have a friendly drive off between a group of drivers made up from the various different racing categories talked about on here. We could take a Roadracer, a Sprintracer, a Dirtracer, and a Speedway racer, and compete at each others races. Example,when it comes time for the rest to come roadrace, I would have 3 other karts available,we could draw for karts, including mine, and have three short races on a roadcourse, changing karts each time. When its time for us to show up at a dirt track, our dirt track driver would have 3 other karts available, we would run 3 races, switching karts every race, and so on. Think it is doable with a little work, and would be a blast.
I think it could be a good idea to have a short series with one asphalt sprint race, a road race and a dirt and asphalt oval race. There are a buch of guys who actually race or have raced all these and either have chassis for all or can borrow it. It wouldn't even need a different calendar, could use races from other series and have an all surface champion.
Kinda like a WKA IROC series. Interesting concept, though it would take a considerable amount of sponsorship for the logistics to work well.
i like the sound of proposal, but the logistics of getting to and from the various tracks and the racing would be tremendous! but i like the way your thnking!!

Thats what I was thinking Rainman. Get one each of us from different series, Post our respective schedules, and then get together and figure out when and where we would show up for the different races. I still think that the "host" driver would have to procure karts for the other three, Dont know many people that would own all four chassis, which is why at each race, I suggested that we run three "heats" switching karts, so even the "host" driver has to drive a kart he is not used to. Think it would be a BLAST, and talk about bragging rights! I'll put my name in the hat for the Roadrace driver. :)

Lot of expense to build new karts, and I would like to race a dirt guy, in top notch equipment, and when he comes to roadrace, I want to put him in some top notch stuff.
Doesn´t need sponsors or so many logistics. Just a group of people attending same races already organized by any existing organization and run with whatever you already have or can borrow. I know several drivers who have actually raced in all or most of these surfaces. In fact both oval surfaces can be run on same chassis and sprint and road on another one course both.