Accurate Corner Weights made Easy.

alvin l nunley

Site Supporter
Nothing easier! Enter your corner weights in the 4 cells marked input, the spreadsheet will show your total weight, front, left and cross weights and all percentages. Press Ctrl-M and your corners will be transferred to the "input" cells and the top line, Total kart and driver, Front, Left and Cross will be filled in. If those are not the percentages you need, change them and the calculated cells will recalculate to show you your new corner weights. The input cells will not change.
Prss Ctrl-C and all the calculated cells will transfer to the input cells. These cells can now be used as a reference. Change any number across the top and the calculated cells will change, but the input cells will not. They will serve as a reference cell in case you want to start over. Now you can play with the top row of percentages and see how they change your corners. A lot of the cells have "help" information, just place the cursor on the cell and if there's help their it will pop up.
There is a 2nd page, (not shown) no input is necessary, that shows you all the weights and percentages, along with some other things, from the page shown.
4 corner weights 1.jpg
Email with your request for a free copy of nine sheets, a 42 page collection of Excel spreadsheets, all karting related..