Accutoe Advanced Camber Gauge


Has anyone had any problems with their Accutoe advanced camber gauge getting the wrong #'s? I feel like our gauge is off somewhat and not really sure how it could be. We always store it in the case and have never dropped it. Is there anyway to recalibrate it?
I've had the same problem. Just be sure to screw the rod all the way into the spindle nut. If there is any play whatsoever you will get an incorrect reading.
it mite be off from someone elses gauge but it dont matter long as you use the same gauge every time , just like tire gauges start comparing them with your buddys next time at the track you mite find a few dead on to yours and they mite be some two to three pounds off from yours long as you stick with the same one you are fine. you mite be running 3 on your camber gauge and it mite be 3.5 on your buddys but o well use the same one every time . i have the gauge you speak of and never had any problems with it but i know it reads different than one of my friends straight up camber gauge. on recalibrating it idk i would call the company and ask them but i wouldnt worry bout it. mite could get the kart on a true flat level surface and take a square and get the hub straight up and down then put your gauge on it and see what it says.
I understand that everyone's could be slightly different, I just feel like if ours is somewhat off now that who knows if it could continue to get worse every so often
it souldn't its just a common ol level so if you bought it new and know that the rod is not bent you should be good to go. if bubble is cracked and letting ever so little fluid out at a time could be a suggestion also but not practical tho i wouldnt think. when i put mine on i tug up and down to make sure the play is out of it and that it is tight and go with it.
also If trying to use it on the newer spindles with the under cut threads it does not go on very far and is a little touchy.