Ace Speedway "Champ Karts on the 4/10"

So wanted to give some insight on this. We've been to a couple of test sessions that Robert Turner has put together. They are using the Hoosier FK with the 9.0 & 4.5 for everyone. He was nice enough to give us a new set for the one's that came for the first 4 practice. The plan is that u will purchase tires there along with mounting & leaving the race tires there as well before & after the event, for no prepping. U may use any size wheel u like & will only bolt that set of tires on when u go to race along with using their air to set tires to desired pressure to my understanding. They are using the Clone motor along with 425 weight. I hope personally this goes well for everyone including Ace. I was very pleased with what I seen with the tire along with build up & wear. How about some of y'all thoughts and interest on this. I am seeing so far around 8/10 karts committed at practice by my count.