Adjusting A Bully Clutch


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Hello y’all, I have a 2 disc bully clutch i was giving. How can I adjust the RPM’s on it to engage sooner. It engages now at 37/3800. I would like it to engage at 31/3200


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Back the nuts out 1/2 turn to start then 1/4 turn at a time if needed.
Also you can add weight to the levers if there is none or 1 on it now.
You will have to add a considerable amount of weight, or change the springs to softer ones to get the rpm engagement dropped that much.
If it's engaging at 3800 now, you likely have red springs. You can make them work with weights in both holes in the levers, but it will take some time to get it right, and you will be at the limit of the usable adjustment range.
I'd suggest you start with black springs and see how that helps you.

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