Advancing the fly wheel - general starting point?


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Newbie looking for some general guidence. Is there a rule of thumb for advancing the flywheel timing. I am Running a BSP from ARC, I had to go with a blue restrictor plate for my class. I realize there are numerous variables involved, but some general info would be great. So my question is: Should I be advancing the flywheel from stock running a blue restictor plate? If so, whats a good starting point for a blue plate engine?

Without knowing the type of track I would recommend a 5 degree advanced flywheel keystock. That should put you in the right ball park.


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Additional questions:

1: What is the stock timing set at?
2: I presume this would help my acceleration out of the corners?

FYI - I'm running on a .70 Sprint track.

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The ARC flywheels with a 2013 and prior have 24 degrees with a stock key. The new 2014 models have 32 degrees with a stock key. Typically we run 32-34 degrees with a blue plate.


The answer is determine where your timing is now, and advance it to atleast 30* it does not matter what class 30* will be the starting point and as JPR57 from ARC stated go up to 32*