Age limit

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Depends on how competitive you need to be to be satisfied, I know guy's in there 60's just having a ball, there not doing it expecting to win every week.


Did it years ago for a couple seasons. In my 30s now. Just don’t want to be the oldest guy out there lol


I just started this year and am having a blast I'll be 66 in August. I thought I might be too old to and a younger friend talked me into it I'm so glad he did. Where I race isn't a money track and everyone is very helpful. Definitely go for it.

Don K

I'm 65 going on 66 and still racing a micro 600. Still own two UAS karts and hope to race them again. Perhaps kart racing will have a revival around here.

Racing is a state of mind that keeps you competitive in all walks of life, personal and business. You won't succeed if you are a lazy lard, you won't succeed if you if question your own abilities and you won't succeed if you are afraid of failure. You make a decision, you go forward with that decision and measure yourself against that decision. Racing is a great mental stimulant, it forces you to own your decisions.



Started when I was 50. 58 now and very competitive. Do some indoor racing in the winter but that's really a stretch given the level of fitness required. I take pride in being the oldest fart out there:)


Started when I was 14 in 1963, still at it at 71. Just ran the Charlotte WKA road race in a CIK 206.
I doubt I'd race a 250 Super kart or 125 shifter again, but going a little slower is fine too.
I know a 73 year old still racing Tags, and a 67 year old racing shifters.
Clark Gaynor Sr.