Air filter Cup question


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I have a customer engine with the ARC 6934 Air cup on it. I do not believe this is legal for a akra stock class but was not 100% sure. Rules state fastners must be stock unless otherwise called out. This cup uses the special nuts.

Thanks for any help guys.
Mike Clausen
Clausen Racing Engines
Guys I am not trying to cheat a rule or start problems. I would just like a little clarification. Do they have to be stock or can we modify/make them? or did I miss it in the rules where they are specifically called out. Air filter cup hardware that is.
Put whatever nuts u want on them i seen three diffrent style havent seen nobody get dq for not having stock nuts. ok let the jokes go about my nuts i know sombody will lol
Just make sure the nuts are tight, no loose nuts allowed..LOL.. But seriously, as long as the adapter meets the length rule, you should be fine.