Air filter Maintenance?


What’s the best to wash filters in? Simple green & water?

Also.. I’ve read where some people say they use oil and others don’t..
if you spray with air filter oil, how many days out before your race should you spray?


Dawg 89
Bucket , kitchen sink or dish washer . All have worked for me.
Simple green. , dawn and the special spray cleaners.
Prefer dawn.
Oiling is recommended by the mfg.
The dust will destroy your rings .
I recommend oiling.
A day early or more is best.
Plenty have been done the day of , the engine acts a little funny for a while.

Brown Racing 15

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If you can, replace the air filter every time you come off the track...we always had about 6 filters ready to go...we sprayed oil on ours and curing time for that week and place them in a zip lock far for cleaning, simple green or purple power and let it soak then rinse off then blow them out with air


Dawg 89
why put em in a zip lock bag?
I'll tell ya why. as they laying in the trailer or milk crate , the dirt and dust from going down the road gets on the inside of the filter.
learned quickly after traveling down a gravel road.


I don't use ziplock bags instead I use saran wrap. I wrap the filter in about 3 layers of saran wrap and toss them the toolbox or bucket. No issues this way either.