Akra 2013


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Hey guys, I just made the switch to clones. Where can I find the box stock engine rules at? I see the update for 2014 but not the 2013 rules. Thanks
Stock core: e-z spin to remain as stock; Base circle .865 -.005 / +.010; Intake duration 218.5* @ .050 / 85.5* @ .200; Exhaust duration 221.5 @ .050 / 96.5 @ .200All checks allow + 2 degrees for wear and gauge variances. ( checks to be taken off the push rod) Max intake lift .225 / Min. .215 Max intake @ the retainer .238; Max. ex. lift .232 / Min. .222; Max ex lift at the retainer .242 ( retainer checks to be done with "0" lash I strongly encourage you to purchase the book for 2014 ( be out soon in late Dec. or early Jan. ) as well as strongly recommend you join AKRA. There is an incredible amount of information in the book about AKRA rules and not just the engine area. Membership has it's privileges.
Can anyone clear it up for me? I'm running a clone and heard something about honda? I've herd that they are switching to honda for 2014? Going to allow you to run both types? Need to be refreshing and don't wanna send it early and something changes. Can anyone give me the inside scoop???
Thanks for the info don as soon as the new books are for sale i will be buying one, and I will become a member thanks.
don't see the use of ss valves and not lockes and retaines esp when u can shim the springs I am running the dyno cl2 cam cranking 62-6400 rpm and what about 3 angle valve job do u think it is necessary
A simple answer to the three angles, it is the proper way to seat valves, it has been the standard method for ever. It is not done to improve flow it is done to control the width and placement of the face to seat contact. Does it improve flow yes but it is a minor improvement, a true performance head will have 5 or 7 angles at the seat, now that makes big improvements.
rules say 3 angle is legal that's why I ask if it is going to improve proformance that much then I guess I will have it done that is the only reason I asked