akra rules

Bill said earlier before the site crashed that he would be posting the rules soon and the new tech manuals would be out by the first of December. hopefully he's right. Need to know what I'll be needing at the swap meets this winter.
We are finalizing the changes for 2014 now, should have them up here by the weekend, no major changes. Looking to have all info to the printer next week so they can get the presses moving.

FYI, on another note real quick. I have been asked if AKRA was going to follow suit on allowing Honda parts and engines in with the Box Stock programs, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! If Honda and there group wishes to do there own thing with their own classes, time will tell.



Thanks Bill for clearing the air about Honda in Clones. That would only make these classes more difficult to control and only add more cost to the racers.
I think the billet rod would be a mistake. Only adds to the cost of an already costly build. Nothing wrong with the stock rod if assembled properly and rpm's are kept at a tolerable level.
Rumor has it that they tossed the idea of the aftermarket rods so I don't see them letting the billet in. Lets keep it as stock as possible. Im fine with the rules where they are now. JMO
I would rather pay the extra upfront and have a little peace of mind. Like stated above no performance gains just a little rel
if they allow billet rod than your gonna run higher rpms than gonna need heavier springs to control valve float and so forth jmo.
keep it simple an leave the rules alone
I've been building engines for 4 years now and have never had a rod failure. My engines are as competitive as the next.
Keep the expensive parts to a bare minimum especially in the Box Stock class. If you are breaking stock rods you are doing something wrong.
Dyno don
Would you care to do a post on what process you take to properly clearance and set your rods to make last please ?