AKRA Tech Seminar


If anyone wishes to become a certified tech for the sport, I will hold a certification seminar on the 16th of March. The cost is $75 the first year and $47 each year after to continue the certificate. I need numbers to do the class. Call me if interested. Don

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This will be held in conjunction with our Big East Karting Expo Show... We have changed the location of this show BACK to Last Years location in Allenwood Pa at the Allenwood Fire Hall..


This Tech seminar is very important this year! Many new things to check! Easy checks without tearing down motor. Don, Myself and Jerry will be there! Please come planning on Asking questions!


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I am intrested in becoming and getting approved for tech. Am I see this right I can do it somehow through a video? Will the tech seminar your talking about that will have new things be able to be recorded or Facebook?
I’ve got to work for Michelin at the 12 Hours of Sebring that weekend.
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David, thus far I have only one individual that has contacted me for tech. I need a few more. However, I can certify you through the DVD that is available. Call me for the details. 570-515-0379. Also, this video is not just for tech certificate. The number of people who purchase it just for the knowledge they can gain for themselves if they were to go into tech is valuable to make sure they are getting a fair tech.