Al Nunley is no longer on Bob's


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Al's eyesight is pretty much gone, and legs are gone.
Al is going to a permanent custodial care facility..

He wanted me to express the joy he found in being on the forum.

Al says "goodbye to all my friends and detractors"


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what??? No way... I liked having Al on here... he’s a good egg and will be missed if this is true. Sorry to hear this.
I just ask Bob if anyone heard anything saw he hadn't posted for a little, had a gut feeling he might have had a health set back, Sorry to hear that wish him all the best. God Bless

Bob Evans

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Wouldn't be surprised if he turned up 'bout any time with a laptop and a wi-fi connection.

Al is a personality, and as the years go by, we're losing more and more of these personalities.
And I think karting itself loses a bit of it's personality with each one of these losses. Let's just hope this one is temporary.


All the best to Al. He is always offering his spreadsheets to everyone and I just took him up on that a few weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to go through them yet, however, I am sure there is a lot of time and effort in them and something that I will learn. Thanks again Al.


Take care Al , I know some of us gave you a little crap from time to time , mostly in fun ! Best wishes ..


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I too hope everything works out ok for you Al.

I'll keep separating the junk I write with extra spaces hoping you once again can get your magnifier going and be able to read on the web.

I'll also have a prayer or two for you Al understanding some of your plight and possibly not far behind you.

good luck paul



I'll miss reading your posts here. It was good having another former 2-stroke racer in the mix. One of these days I might even try your bathroom scale method of adjusting clutches. (I'm still afraid of frying a clutch...)