Alcohol conversion


Does anyone know what it takes to convert a 28mm mikuni to alcohol? I've pretty much got the jetting figured out from calling around. I just need to know what size e-tube, and any passages that may need to be drilled.


Dawg 89
The fuel inlet and needle and seat . Would be a concern.
My impression is any fuel passage not able to pass sufficient fuel.

Mike Cochrane

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it takes aprox. 52% more alky than gas, converting is best left to someone thats built them.. probably not going to get much info,


Call Bob at Precision karting in Dallas 9722430714 , let him make it a spray ring carb.
He is very good with them, call early in the day

alvin l nunley

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Alcohol burns best at about 6 to 1, gasoline burns best at about 14 to 1, jet accordingly. Strange, we used to run Macs but never did anything like drilling all the holes in it to get alcohol through it. It might have improved it, guess I'll never know. I did pretty good with the Macs, 100 CC, 125 CC and open 100 CC.


Dawg 89
Provided the passage is big enough i dont feel theres a need to enlarge it .
Now blending entrance and exit holes could be helpful .


You can fool some of the people some of the time
People spend years figuring this stuff out on their own, on the dyno and on the track so it would be unlikely someone is just going to tell you how to do it.
Unless you've got things really messed up by drilling holes in this or that you can send it to me and it will be the best $65.00 you ever spent.