Alfano 6 light

J par

Well I've had mine for a year now and we're going to go out today and not suspecting I'll have to charge it. I never have charged it...
I found the overlay completely awesome as we have one of our tracks that's very twisty and turny and I always thought I was losing time coming out of the last corner into the straightaway and found out it was a completely different corner using the overlay. You could tell all of my lap times were just about the same going into the 7th corner but all of them would separate in the 8th corner.. it was really cool finding exactly where I needed to improve. It's been flawless it knows where it's at it knows which track it's at and just turns right on with the kart..
Being able to download on my phone and that's all I really have for a computer has been perfect. For me this is a perfect product..
I have done 0 reading on the Alfano, we are moving to Micro's in the next 6mo to a year. Do these work with the motorcycle platform?