Alky Friendly Oil


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I have 2 modified clones. Ones on race gas the other on alky. Looking to run alky in both. Right now I'm using royal purple in the gas motor. And fhs 62r in the other. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get more fhs oil this week. Will the alky and royal purple be ok or are they not friendly with each other at all?
We will soon be stocking and selling an oil that will be fully compatable with Gasoline and Methanol made specifically for us by the biggest name in Racing Oil. Stay tuned...
Briggs & stratton,.T4. Engineered & Formulate by Amsoik. we tested the T4. under race conditions. for Amsoil tests & Analysis. on big methanol fed. Gx390's
T4 has the lowest 4 ball. Wear test percentage of the others.
check the T4 facts out..