Almost there...for real this time!

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Maybe I'll make it to Millbridge before the white stuff flies after all!!

1451532_10100289852070969_2060709923_n.jpg's a Coyote chassis with a QRC cage. It's got stubs for the front nerf bars so I used 4 QRC "rear" mounts with a pin to locate them and retain the nerf bars.

Also got the vinyl on tonight too... just prelim until I can afford the good stuff. :)
For the curious, the wing is made of "coroplast" and angle aluminum. Total cost was around $80, not counting labor. We'll see how it holds up, but it's pretty durable in the garage. It also removes skin just as well as the "real" ones. I'm putting some nut-serts in the rear to allow for quick change wickerbills.
LOL -- well, if it doesn't work well, you may never see one again! :) We'll see. The front end doesn't have heims, but DOES have weight jackers... I may convert it if I can't find a suitable tuning window. Gotta' get the "tail tank" on and button up a few loose odds and ends and it'll be ready for the first firing up... Millbridge Winter Series is my goal.
Best part is, the kart was $400, cage was $150 with body. Not bad to have a roller with some spares for $550. I've done extensive work to it since, but there was no way I'd have gotten a QRC or SKE roller at that price, even if I knew what they were at that time. Now that I DO know what they are, I may have a custom frame produced with a couple of their features tweaked a bit. We'll see. For now, it's time to get this one on-track and see how she does. As a cool side note, the seat is Ward Burton's old seat that I purchased from a team engineer. He was a small guy!! Glad I am too....
It's a YZ125 2001 karting model sitting on the chassis, from Riley Will of BRC fame. 0 hours, and it cost me $1500 as you see it, pipe, carb, billet shifter handle and all... Great deal and should be fun until I want to go "open".

Animal77 - That wing looks sweet and I'd love to buy it, but I think the shipping's the killer -- I can buy a new one here for around $200 and it'd be hard to get shipping for that below $100 unless you disassemble it, and then UPS will crush it for me, I'm sure! :)

Here's what it looked like before rebuild:
(Look at the scary cage mounts.

and a pic of the bare frame after I modified the cage and did new QRC mounts: