Aluminum flywheels and charging circuits.


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I'm looking to build a 420 up, and would like to keep the electric start and the charging capabilities, but also want to turn 7000-7500 rpm on occasion. As I understand it, the stock flywheel absolutely will not spun that fast, so aluminum is mandatory.

However, I'm beginning to discover that none of the aluminum flywheels available for the 420 will charge the battery. Is there any way around this? Can I simply remove the magnets from the stock flywheel and bond them to the aluminum wheel and have it balanced? Is it a space issue? Or is it an rpm issue where at the highly elevated speeds these modded motors turn, the regulator \rectifier can't handle the power generated at that speed?



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you can always upgrade the rectifier.
the magnets are another issue .
or charge the battery as needed .