American dream race


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I know it is early but I was wondering if anyone knows where the American Dream race will be this year since Beechnut is closed or if it will even happen.
Ashway Speedway will host Smiley Fields' March Madness on March 29th and the Monster Madness on November 1st, if you haven't been to Ashway Speedway, click here for a Google Map/Driving Directions to our track. If you have any question about these two races, please feel free to contact Smiley Fields @ 423-863-3295

We'd also like to invite you to Ashway Speedway for any of the Regular, Points, Money and the Benefit races in 2014, Click here for our 2014 Schedule or view the following:

March Madness
March 29

1st Points Series Race
April 12

2nd Points Series Race
May 17

3rd Points Series Race
June 14

Rocky Top Series #2
June 28

4th Points Series Race
July 12

Rocky Top Series #3
July 26

5th Points Series Race
August 9

6th Points Series Race
September 20

Points Series Rain Date
October 11

Benefit & Money Races
October 18

Monster Madness
November 1

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Hillard anytime at: 865-388-4030

Please visit Ashway Speedway's Website, Facebook Page or the Twitter account.
On here on a earlier post it says there is a 2014 schedule for neese I can't seem to find it on the net anyone have the website thanks
There isnt a schedule for Neeses, there is a schedule for the Mid Atlantic Series, in the Southeast section of tracks here on Bobs.
Neeses only has big races there, and is the home of the Maxxis Nationals.