amp gauge


Dawg 89
Okay so I went to get an amp gauge for daughters vehicle. the only ones available were 20 maybe 30 amps tops in the tractor section. I was thinking how is this going to work what with current alternators putting out 100 or more amps and every amp will need to go through the thing if wired off alt. maybe not an issue, I know generators were somewhere around 65 amps. Thing is I figured it would kill the amp gauge then no jucie to recharge the bat. ran one on a 280 zx and had no issue , it had alternator not sure how I wired it now, standard practice I suppose. Everything is volt gauge now, bought a digital that plugs into lighter kinda nice you can watch it as ya go down the road.
What do you all think?
Volt meter and an amp meter are not needed on any car past 92. The BAT light will come on if there is a problem with the alternator. A voltmeter is nice and I prefer it over a AMP gauge. Just depends on what you prefer to look at and the reason you like to know what it says. To each there own. If you have no problems with the system a ALT should never be at full capacity for very long, there only there to "maintain" a charged battary and will overheat if you try to charge a battary at 100amps!!