Animal Max Help


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What is the (Gen5) animals maximum achievable sleeved over bore and stroke? without moving up to the bigger block...

Eventually ima grab a model15 or BZ3 (love flattys) but for now i'm determined to get used to the animal.
Yea used to do mini tractor pulls did a lot of work on flathead single cylinder kohler motors. karts are somewhat new, always been around em but never built one. I've just recently gotten the bright idea to build an ohv so its all a learning process all over again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looking to test the waters and put together something mean without having to do major block reconstruction or move up to the bigger block.
2.750" is usually a safe size. If you try to go bigger than that you MAY hit the aluminum.
You also have to be concerned about how much room there is between the bore and the push rod chamber or the oil pasage.
If you go too big there isn't enough room for the head gasket to seal.
You also have to be concerned about cylinder stability if you get it too thin. You loose consistent ring seal.