another dumb idea, or is it ? yeah proly


old fart
How about putting an V or L or \_ shaped thing mounted to pivot and mounted to the outside of or underneath the LR chassis rail behind the LR tire. The top of it would be weighted and it would be held in a non operating position by a light adjustable spring. Centrifugal force would make the weight move and the other end would move down and dig into the track, holding the back end in. ... :)

cool Idea huh? ya want to keep grip at the LR, stick something extra down on the track to do it.
A lot of tracks have a 1/2 clearance rule for sprockets so how would this get by tech.
How about rule letting you run a LR with spikes? That would do the job of holding you down.
Paul, I think you need some extra sleep or a very big mug of coffee. LOL
just lower the vcg so its below the ground. that way weight transfer would just transfer weight onto the lr instead of off it :)