Another karting site i found (just for technical info)


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I was looking around on the web and found another karting site that is based out of the UK, but it has a ton of good info to be found as far as 4cycle engines, chassis setup and things like that. This could help everyone get back some of the info that was lost in the site crash. There are even some mentions in some posts where people mention this site, and have posted links to it. I have been surfing thru the 4stroke/4cycle section for the last couple of days when i was bored, looking for new/old info on the clone engines and new things to try. It could be a big help to those of you that race sprint karts, as it seems like thats what most people on that site race.

Check it out:
Good site. Racers do well to expose themselves to other karters experiences, around the globe.
Surprising what you can learn.
In fairness, that's 45,000 posts since 2006.
They weren't trying to copy me, although I haven't kept up with karting in the UK, it looks like they formed a spinoff from UK Karting (, which is/was the big dog site over there.
About all I know is that it's nearly completely European sprint racing, and is as different as night and day compared to US dirt racing. Their rule structure is like night and day also.
Good people, although I hadn't heard of this forum site before.
Yea it seems like a nice site but definately doesnt compare to good ol Bobs! Takes a bit to get used to the way some people talk in UK also lol
I don't know, if you were racing sprint karts in England, it would be much more useful than my site. :)

About ten years ago or something, on the UK Karting site, they were talking about opens. Well, I thought "I know a little about opens" so I jumped right on in there, and they immediately jumped all over me.
Turns out that it more or less meant that you could open the motor to work on it.
Pretty much never went back.
I think they still use Briggs & Strattons for turning the soil over there. Clones are still exclusive to the Sci-Fi channel.

But I WILL say this........ You guys bring your best 4 stroke made here in the States and it won't hold a candle to what they build over there. Y'all might just as well leave the kart on the trolly.....>>oops<< "kart stand". :)