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I’m currently using a 6x12 enclosed to haul two karts. I’m using the d-rings in the floor and rachet straps. ( both kart stands get 2 straps to secure them down. I’m looking for a quicker way to secure them. Any suggestions? Thank you


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We built a stacker for transport. Used to tie them to the stacker but now we just put them in and leave them and have zero issues with them moving around. It is easier with the two electric stands we have but with regular stands it just left more room for whatever else needed to go to the track. No ratchet straps unless we have the tire resurfacer and I tie that to the wall.
A stacker may be a bit ambitious as we run a champ and a flat kart. I’m looking for a simpler way (faster) way to secure the kart stands to the floor. As stated, I’m currently using 8 d-rings and 4 ratchet straps to secure them down.


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We run E track down the sides in between the fenders then you can just throw one strap over the front and one over the back of each. Also gives you tons of tie down places for other things.


This is our setup. It may be prettier but I'm not sure it's any faster.


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Ya. 3/4" plywood and a piece of aluminum channel to keep the edge looking clean. The tire rack was made with scraps and 3 length of electrical conduit.


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