Any Bell Helmet Dealers out there?

brad hinkelman

Curiosity killed the cat
If anyone could help,would really appreciate it....i have a bell gtx2 and need a new foam piece that is between the visor and atteched to the helmet it self and 2 new screws that hold the visor if you can advise me on where to purchase these 2 items...thanks
You May Have To Contact The Manufacture ItSelf. I Sell The Helmets, ShieldS And The Bolt Kits.
That About All ICan Get.
I got my helmet from a1 in waminster pa brad try them, I lost my foam a few summers ago, great for pavement and indoors, not so much on dirt lol
Brad, Bark lists Bell helmets on his website, not sure if he has parts or maybe can drop ship them for you.