Any Deals on LO206 Motors


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Will be needing a new motor soon and i have seen sometimes vendors offering an exhaust or accessories for the motor free as an incentive to buy. Any vendors here have any promotions going on now?


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Same price as always - $875 just as you see it.

Problem is filling orders right now! It's good to be busy. :)

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The dealers are so busy that Briggs is out of stock again I heard. Multiple times already this year. Not much incentive to make deals when that is the case.


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Brian, is that engine broke in and dynoed for that price?

No, it is not. This is our race-ready (bench tuned) package.
Dyno time is $85 add'l (incl. fuel and oil of your choice.)

Then you get into the debate of:
How long do you want it broke in for?
In my opinion, you are better running the engine on the track to better simulate rpm and loads than on a dyno over the time period that it takes to brake in these chromed top rings. If we do it on a dyno, we can make a couple quick blasts, or spend 12 hours - price is per hour. :)

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The LO206 is less than 1/2 the price of the cadet class 2 stroke engine that is also raced at our track. We have over 50 hours on it and all I've had to do was an inexpensive valve and spring job last winter. The standard LO206 price is a great deal.


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No Problem filling orders. I always have engines, clutches, exhaust systems, air filters, Briggs racing oil etc in stock.
Packages are usually sent the same or next day after receiving payment.
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PayPal is great
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Checks also work good
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The Briggs LO 206


Look at JLS Machine in Newton N.C.
750$ plus tax complete race ready not dynoed.
I bought one and couldn't be happier.


Don't stop on price alone. Carlson Motorsports and Faster Motors are on here every day answering our questions. That has to be worth something. Plus I got a good feeling that if you bought a motor from them they would give support if you ever needed it. I buy what I can from my track because I want to make sure they do well. That way when I really need them they will be there for me...


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We just shipped two LO206 engines yesterday, and I'll dyno two more today (or Monday) to be shipped on Monday.
I think we're finally getting caught up on work here in the shop, and yes, it does come at the expense of some weekends.
We don't make a whole lot on our 206 stuff, but then again, it doesn't take the time of building a limited flathead or open either.
I think our prices on our LO206s are pretty fair considering all that you are getting and the time we take to set everything up and tune them.
Our experience and knowledge of them, along with customer service, should be worth something, but that's hard to put a specific value on.
If a guy has the skill set, ability, knowledge, tools, etc to build and tune his own engine, then I highly encourage it, and will help them as much as I can.
The Lo206 package is the cheapest way to get a real racing engine. already built ready to race.
The whole platform from design, engineering, sales and support is designed with the karter in mind.
So I think the package is going to be the same no matter where you get it. The rules do not allow for a a builder to do much at all to the engine except tune it. Or at best start the break in on a dyno. But even there just a few rounds of practiced will do more that a few dyno runs.
I agree with most on this one. Buy from someone you trust, know where they are, and can call them if needed. BUT there is not much that is needed from an engine builder on the 206 package. That is the real beauty of the program.