Any good valve spring compressor recommendations ? Dual springs @ 142#

i bought a $100 spring compressor by ProForm for my car and that doesnt work. Maybe i can open up the hole in the center.
DO NOT use those cheap rent-a-tool spring compressors. Very extremely dangerous. It will most of the time line up at an angle throwing parts like a mini grenade. Even made some sparks while it exploded.
Any ideas ?


Dawg 89
Mines probably antique . None of the new ones look like it .
Even then it was a struggle on the sons big twin springs .
Rental company air powered might be the way to go .
This is for gokart valve springs that coil bind at .550 Lift.
My car uses 430 lb duals rated to .690 Lift.
Just putting that out there since this got moved to off topic.


Dawg 89
Well in that case . I modified a 6" c-clamp to use on some other engines .
Angle cut a short length of pipe to slip the keepers in then tack welded it
To the foot . used the screw against the valve .


I did the same thing as flattop1, except I used an extra socket of the right diameter from a cheap socket set that I had lying around and didn't bother to weld it - just put it in place and went for it. Worked fine, and I could still use the C-clamp for other things. :)