Any other forums?


New member
That handle road racing / clone engines?

While I have always valued the input received here, I don't think my kart is ever going to touch dirt, so maybe this server crash is a good opportunity to move on.

Any suggestions about forums that aren't LTO and do deal with clones?

There are two sprint based forums out of Texas that I know of, Gulf Coast Karters Inc and Hill Country Kart Club. While they have forums, they arent very active and are mostly club use forums. I found my way here (GCKI club member newbie) because the traffic was really slow on those and answers to questions lots of times didnt even come.

Even though this is a dirt roundy round kinda place, Ive received answers to all my questions here in a pretty quick amount of time. Im not sure you will find better. If you do, let me know. ;-) I'll keep coming here but add it to my list...