Anybody make kid kart sized offset chassis for 4 to 8 year olds for dirt oval?


We currently have a coyote kid kart asphalt road course chassis and I would like to pick up another kart to run dirt oval with. does anybody make a scaled down size offset chassis for the little guys? I feel like a regular full size kart would be way too big for my 5 year old. he weighs about 35 pounds and we would run a predator 79cc motor in the 4 to 8 year old class. Thanks for the help.


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They are not legal (per WKA) in the kid kart classes - must use a straight up chassis.
There were some offset karts made though; Infiniti had built some.

We ran a Falcon kid kart built (legal) for dirt ovals.
With all that said, there's not many tracks teching chassis for this class - most are combining full size karts with the shorter wheelbase kid karts, etc and probably wouldn't have a problem with an offset kid kart being run. Someone might be willing to build you a new chassis that is offset.

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Thank you for the reply's, I had no idea a mini offset would be illegal. I dont think it would matter at 2 of the tracks locally, but now I know to ask the promoters at the other local tracks just to be sure. @TheLurker! im in Michigan or i may have considered it lol. I will say that is a very nice pedal set up! Thanks for all the info Guys.
There used to be a guy back in the day in the K.C. area that built Sniper karts. He built a shorter wheelbase offset kid kart--back then it was legal in the Missouri area in rookies and Jr 1. As I said that was several years ago-- early 2000s maybe. Seems like his name was Roger Gorbin--