Anyone ever see this type coil


Has a box attached to it


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With out some context its a guess .
Anyway the clones and predators have a similar one the ones I've saw were metal housings. Probably a new version .
It might charge off the magnet /coil . That only happens when its about to fire . Milliseconds might be all it needs too charge . Triggers when the magnetic fields broken, maybe.
I believe generally thes a separate charge coil and trigger as suggested ina standard cdi setup.
So I'm guessing the question is what type of ignition system do I have? It looks similar to a TCI system like this.

The TCI contains a small circuit board with a few resistors and capacitors, and a good-sized transistor. The transistor is the heart of the system and it, in effect, "measures" the amount of current flowing through it. As the rotor moves past the coil, the voltage builds, reaching a peak when the magnets are just about centered on the coil. Just before this peak, the transistor in the TCI reacts. Think of it as flipping an "electronic switch". The circuit opens and, with no place to go, the voltage bounces back. That voltage spike in the primary windings of the coil energizes the secondary windings and that high voltage then goes in search of someplace to go. The path of least resistance is across the sparkplug gap to ground on the cylinder head. Bingo! The plug fires and so does your engine.