anyone make LONG handled low side needle for KT100?


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really fumbling bad trying to find the low side needle handle on my kt100 while at speed, just wondering if anyone has had any experience or ideas on how/what to make a LONG one for people like me that lack proper hand coordination? :)


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Mine are an 1 inch maybe 1.5 .
Are you looking for longer .


They make a adjuster that go's to the steering wheel that if you cut the flex -t it will slide over and set screw over it. Look's like a weed eater shaft inside a cable. Sometimes more trouble than their worth. They tend to back off. Which hand do you tune with? I have long arms and tune with the left. Like P said above just cut the gloves and tune like the big dogs LOL. Chuck.


Are you trying to adjust with your left hand or right hand? You can put your carb on upside down so the needle sticks out to the right side. You'll need the carb plate with an extra set of holes and a longer pulse tube.