Anyone race microds


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Hi, My son started racing microds ( dirt) this last summer. I was wondering if anyone else on here is into the same type of racing. Being new at it I am just trying to pick up as much info as I can. It seems most of what I find is geared toward asphalt and a factory built kart. What we run are home built karts on a 1/10 mile dirt oval and depending on class either a Honda GX120 or a Honda GX200 engine. We did very well for our first year but still just looking for ideas and I know its a bad thing but opinions on some things (tires etc) is there anyone out there running this type of kart.


Microds are bit different only ever seen them one time at nysf

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I'm a former microd racer. Started in 1988 at Little Wheels (Peruville Rd, Freeville, NY) through MRI and MRII until 1992. Then we formed our own club that raced at Cortland on Saturdays (Classic Microd Club), and raced Stock Open Wheel with Cortland on Friday nights my final year in 1995. I was then a NYSMA state official for two years, helping to run the NYSMA Tour Series. Good foundation in racing, though not a lot transfers over to karts other than being smooth and consistent... Did you race at Starlight (Trumansburg?)

What info are you looking for?


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Hi, We raced at Tri County microd club near Whitney Point NY. We had a great time racing there my son made a bunch of friends, track is very family oriented. I am looking for some insight on tires, the kart currently has burris ss-11's all the way around and they seemed to work well for us but a couple are getting quite cracked and I was going to replace them. We have 11x5x6 on both front 11x6x6 left rear and 11x7.10x6 right rear. Do you think we would benefit from trying to fit a 11x6x6 on the right front? Also I was thinking of going one compound harder (ss-22) on the left rear to try and take a little push out of it, any input. I know everyone has there opinion but I think we are going to stay with the burris tires they served us well this year 4 first place and 4 second place out of 8 races, but we move up one class this next year(Honda GX120 with a .500 restrictor) so In think we will have a little tougher competition