Arc light weight flywheel

Hi sorry to be off topic but I iv got question about 3 pound arc light weight flywheel on gx390 fully built would it be a lot better for oval dirt racing with sometimes shacane in it then a electric start 6 pound arc flywheel. Would make difference even if you turn up idle on carb so it don't stall on the corners. What im racing is racing lawn mower fxs class single clone 440 with electric start flywheel. Our mowers have to weigh 550 in this class. Iv tried heymow but everyone dosent even or have tried light weight flywheel so im asking for your guys imput since no one in lawn mower racing uses it or tried it. Thanks
light wheel will rev faster , also slow down faster.
at 550 I think I would go with the heavy it will produce a more even power delivery
i have found that a heavier flywheel will run better on a larger track (1/5+ mile) Reason for this is that the extra weight carries more momentum. For a shorter track run the lighter flywheel to pick up RPM faster.