---ARL--- (Affordable Racing League)

Posted by Mitchell at DMS...
Hey drivers its time to stand up...if you are a driver on a budget...then stand up.
I know a lot of people that love to race but can't can't compete with a father and son built motor...I've been trying to find an alterative to the big not so chiseled in stone classes...I happen to beleive that the claming rule is what was great about the BSP class when it started...---ARL-- can bring karting back to the budget racer. I am working up the rules now and will post them soon...I would like to know what the drivers think...
Good luck in your endeavor; I hope it works out. Personally, unless the price is well thought out, I won't race at tracks or in classes with a claimer rule. It dates back to high school, when I crewed on a car that had average SBC power (wrecking yard pullouts gone through by us in my friend's garage) and a setup genius for a crew chief - after loosing 3 SBCs in 5 weeks, we were on the trailer for three weeks (it's not just the money, it's the time to freshen one too; the others worked full time and I had school) then built another wrecking yard engine and switched tracks.
I think its a good option at tracks. Sure not every class but as a PURE STOCK class. Great for beginners. Let them ride a year get some experience and then move up to other classes. Good Luck
If you can find people that just want to have fun, companionship, and sportsmanship then it will work. Otherwise, everyone wants to win and with that philosophy they are always looking for an edge. That means they will go into the engine and you now have the same problem as other sanctioning bodies: Rules!!!!
Well you may be right about going into the engine, but the first rule in the ARL would be a Claiming Rule...I feel this is were other sanctioning bodies have not held up and have failed the sport of karting. The BSP class that help bring Karting back has turned out to be like the BOAT theory. ( bust out another $1000)
I like the BP class and its rules or a Stock Appearing Class...Those classes say to me, hey lets spend money to go faster and that's cool if that's your thing.

I recently witnessed on a 1/5 mile. A predator motors only running 3/4 of a second slower than a "legal BSP" motor...what is the bang for the $$$s......250 running gas to maybe 350 running methanol for a race ready Predator or between 550 to 750 for the Legal BSP at Todays Pricing...I could see 800 to 1000 in the near future. again only 3/4 slower...and those were leader times...
I can not speak for the people, but I can hear the people speak.

Claimer rules don't work. People will rant and rave and accuse the winners of cheating but will not claim a motor.
Claimer rules have been around for years and years. And if done right can be very effective. Got to keep those motors rotating. I really like this class. You can by one of those motors on sale with a coupon for $89 you can't beat that. I like leaving it up to driver and handling.
If you own the track why not purchase the engines (like a predator ) and rent them out each week (with a security deposit) at a reasonable rate , you keep them at the track and hand them out randomly and have them turned back in at the end of ea night. Even if you add $10 to the racers entry fee its still a very reasonable price to pay , at the cost of the predators in 10-12 races you'd have them paid for. Just a thought.
Just my opinion. From everything that I have read it looks like this would be the perfect place to start an Lo206 revolution. AND use the rules set forth by Briggs and not change anything. Period. Cheapest racing that you could ever have. Then work on getting cheap tires and prep.
Just my opinion. From everything that I have read it looks like this would be the perfect place to start an Lo206 revolution. AND use the rules set forth by Briggs and not change anything. Period. Cheapest racing that you could ever have. Then work on getting cheap tires and prep.

I was going to say same thing. All the work is already done. Just buy the tech tools. I race sprint at NOLA so im sure its much different than dirt but we will have around 20 guys in 206's to start the 2014 season. I know Texas is huge into the clone for all types of racing but I notice that some of the Texas sprint tracks are adopting the 206 this coming year.
Just my opinion. From everything that I have read it looks like this would be the perfect place to start an Lo206 revolution. AND use the rules set forth by Briggs and not change anything. Period. Cheapest racing that you could ever have. Then work on getting cheap tires and prep.

Amen !! and I'm no Lo 206 fan, but to pay $550 + for predator motors and try to police that vs Lo 206 that would be very foolish, no matter what motor ya choose your gonna have to work hard to get the racers on board, that predator deal would be NOTHING but a bunch of headaches Ya don't need, Cheater parts are more available than regular Co parts , then add a claim rule to that deal Good Luck !!
I hear you on the LO206. but it still can't get down to the Chinese motors prices. The main goal would be affordable competitive racing. There has to be a better more affordable alternative to the $700 thing we have now. Again I get the need for speed and I think that's were the bp and sa classes can allow you to lighten you wallet while increasing your HP...---ARL---won't work for all but drivers that are intrested in it or something like it. Should get involved the concept
Contact Jerry Dover he built us 10 bone stock clones brand new race ready all but clutch, dynoed so all were real close, here's the best part $220 bucks now no shipping was involved they were delivered to the big east show, he might not be able to hold the $220 for ya but I'll bet it's close.

There's NO way you'll beat that for budget plus a reputable builder, and motor can just be upgraded as they move up.

Good Luck !!
here's my take....start with a predator. get the part numbers for three cams...all with the .224 lift...same with the header and a no touch rule on the head. start with it as a basic motor with one of these cams and one of these headers and you have to use stock valve train, but you get the springs thru the track. stock rockers only, no 1.2 or 1.3. get a stock motor and get the numbers and don't vary this at all. give an inch and everyone will take a mile. check the top three EVERY WEEK plus one or two others. throw the winner out if it's even a microbe out of stock specs. don't seal the motors, but make sure everyone knows that you have to use only these stock numbers from these companies....if the numbers have been touched or altered where you can't read them...throw them out. do this one or two times and pretty soon you will have a class that knows not to monkey with things. but you CAN NOT allow even the smallest infraction or it's a all a waste of effort.....you may have a small variance between the motors, but on the stock parts this would be acceptable. But!!!! if you say that you can run XYZ cam and it comes in without the numbers visible or they look to be scratched or oterhwsie nto readable....throw the driver out. headers are easy to look at and see if they are right, cams have a number engraved and you can tell which ones have messed with and the ones that haven't....you could even go so far as to get the cmas and headers and springs and sell them at the track...this way you know.... and do this with the claim rule........
If you start any kind of Predator program, you are just re-inventing the clone all over again. It has been tried and that is exactly what you are trying to get away from now. Higher and higher engine prices.

Why not try the lo206. It is simple, the rules are already in place. Not as much chance of anyone cheating or driving up the price.
They are not that expensive $579. Everything but the clutch. And it is either impossible to get around the seal, or no one has done it yet and has any proof. Below is just one professional builder that sells the lo206, there are many others. http://www.fastermotors.net/LO206ENGINEPACKAGES.html
just throwing this out, but a .224 lift cam ($50.00), predator (even not on sale $130.00), header ($35.00), 10.8 springs ($10.00)....and a $100.00 claim rule. roughly, $250.00 for everything. if you want affordability, then having racers pay $579.00 is not the way to go. sorry, but the original thread said Affordable Racing League...... you go dictating the exact motors...meaning you can't race unless you have one... and your killing it before you even get started. I don't have $579.00 to purchase a motor (or in my case two motors costing $1158).....but buying one of the predators and adding those items I mentioned, I can afford.... and then I have money left for tires, gas, entry fees or other things........I can do a lot on $250.00

and it's not inventing the clone all over again....simple research will yield a great combination that is both affordable and easy to check. all it takes is a little time and effort. seems no one wants to limit the parts you can throw in the engine, but always comes back to the lo206....while a great motor, they are not "the answer"...

take a few minutes...research what a good, decent, inexpensive cam, header and springs would do...then start looking at the tech rules and making sure that all bases are covered. trying to seal them may not or may be the answer, but neither is creating a class or league and telling everyone that they can't race unless they buy this expensive motor....ok, not as expensive as some motors, but more expensive than what I think can be done and be affordable........

affordable racing league I ain't when the first thing you have to do is pay for an expensive (compared to the predator) motor....and it doesn't have to be the predator....even a stock yellow clone is cheaper than the lo206........

just saying..........