asphalt and concrete ovals


Do most people use offset chassis for asphalt and concrete ovals. We have a concrete oval here where I live. I run dirt myself but I am thinking about trying the oval. Thanks
You run the same offset chassis as dirt. Similar setups. You can save on tires and can stray away from the tire prep game. Very little prepping to none. Pavement racing can be a lot cheaper and just as fun.
i enjoyed Pavement just as much as dirt. Pavement is way cleaner that's for sure. We only used 1 set of tires for the whole season on pavement, cant say that for dirt.
I live in Pineville Louisiana. We have a guy here that has built a concrete oval. He started out building a small road course and I talked him into incorporating a oval into it. I don't know if it will go over around here or noI figured you ran an offset chassis. I wonder if you use basically the same size tires as dirt. I wouldn't mind running on it but I can't afford to buy tires too often. We had thought about trying to get him to run a class with hard tires so they would last. If anyone around here is interested let me know and I will talk to him. You can see pictures of the track on
I run often on in weekly sportsman class that uses 5" YDS stones on a high bank asphalt oval. I've gotten 2 1/2 seasons out of most of the tires, won a lot of races on three 2 year old tires and a LF that was much older. Those tires are like bricks, duro 65+. I would not necessarily recommend YDS, something a little bit softer will get you the wear and bit more grip.
I agree it is easier on bearings but very tough on frame itself. Other than that you might need different spindles/caster blocks.